What is Shared Hosting and what are the benefits?

Shared hosting is much like living in a unit where you have your own room but you share a common space with your flat mates. You share the bathroom, kitchen, and general amenities. You also share building maintenance costs with all your neighbours. It’s a great option if you’re on your own, your requirements are very basic and cost as the main factor.

Shared hosting is the most common form of hosting a website and is perfect for small websites where a low-cost hosting package is needed.

Who typically chooses Shared Hosting?

  • You are just starting out with your new website
  • You don’t have a mission critical website and cost is a factor
  • You only need a few email accounts

What are the benefits?

  • A great option if you have a small informational type website
  • A good start for a small business just starting out
  • Low cost

Are there any disadvantages?

  • Server resources are shared by all other sites on the server
  • Your website’s performance may at some stage be affected by other websites hosted on the shared server
  • If your site uses a resource hungry application which could be a certain: plugin, extension, or online store application, then performance may be affected due to your site’s heavy requirements and also other activity on the server

NewSprout’s systems have been developed to ensure Shared Hosting is a great option for the majority of website owners and importantly we do not cram our servers with sites!

Check out our No Contract Shared Hosting plans are here

Do I get email accounts with Shared Hosting?

Yes! With NewSprout all our website hosting packages include email accounts.

Anti-spam protection comes as standard too. We route your mail through our powerful Spam Filter blocking unwanted emails at the point of entry to our network before it even get’s to your computer, device, or your Exchange Server – if you use one that is. This drastically reduces the amount of spam that gets to your inbox, saving you time and saving your bandwidth.

And if you do use an Exchange Server for your business, then if it goes ‘down’ (which can be too often) then any mail sent to you whilst it is off line will not be lost as it is queued in our Spam Filter! You just need to tell us when your Exchange Server is ‘up and running’ again and we will purge the mail to you!

This is a massive benefit to any organisation. Just think of that all important email from a client confirming their order or business meeting … if the email has no Exchange Server to hit, then it will be ready and waiting in our Spam Filter.

With many other hosts all of this can come at a very hefty extra charge if offered at all!

Important consideration when choosing Shared Hosting

This next bit is very important in your decision making…

If your website is the store front of your business and services and relies heavily on attracting and looking after your visitors in the best possible way, then you should seriously consider a more specific larger hosting option such as your own VPS on our Cloud Hosting platform.

You would be surprised how cost effective your own VPS is. See specifications and pricing here