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Troubleshooting NBN connection issues

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We appreciate you just want your service to be working, and we do too! For us to help you quickly investigate a fault there are 4 quick initial steps that must be completed. Please complete these promptly for the fault investigation to progress swiftly.

Initial Steps for Fault Resolution

  1. Disconnect all devices from your local Wi-Fi or Ethernet network except for one device
  2. Power OFF then ON your NBN equipment, modem/router, and device (power OFF for 5minutes)
  3. If this sees no improvement, complete all relevant troubleshooting listed here. Complete all of it please…even if it seems trivial
  4. Advise NewSprout immediately – email us the same day from your computer, or phone network if you can. Do not wait days or weeks to do this

Next…please click here for the necessary troubleshooting procedure.


Then what happens?

If we cannot see any obvious issues we immediately send off a Fault to the NBN Backhaul provider with the information you have provided.

They are in control of a large part of the NBN infrastructure and liaise with the NBNCo. directly

Updates from them will be ‘interrogated’ and  passed on to you as required. The goal being resolving your fault ASAP!


A little more detail…

NewSprout take any NBN faults very seriously. We expect our clients to have a great reliable service!

We have expectations too. It’s not only you our valued client paying for a NBN service, we are also paying the NBN Backhaul provider for your NBN connection every month. We have actually entered in to a contract with them for each NBN connection therefore we need to ensure we do everything possible to keep you as a happy client!

How long will it take for a fault to be resolved?

That depends on the nature of the fault. Anything from a couple of hours to a few days for obvious repairable network issues. We keep you well advised once we have the information from upstream.

Our Experience

NewSprout have been providing NBN services all over Australia right from the first rollout area – Coffs Harbour in 2014, and we have a pretty good idea what is an acceptable level of service and importantly when we need to lodge a fault upstream.

The NBNCo. give no guaranteed speeds or service levels, and as with all Broadband technology we do not naively expect the NBN network to be 100% perfect all the time (it would be nice though!) but we do expect there to be at least a very acceptable level of speed and service consistency on the NBN network.

Therefore if you have a fault follow the process above as quickly as you can and we will be working for you to get it resolved as quickly as possible. We really do hassle NBNCo. and the NBN Backhaul provider to get faults looked at quickly and thoroughly.



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