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How quickly can I connect to the nbn™?

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Already had a nbn™ connection?

If you already have an NTD/NBN Box installed in your premises or have an existing FTTN/FTTC connection with another provider, there is a good chance you will be connected within one to two working days!

First time connecting your home to the nbn™?

Of course the NBN needs to be available in your area and at your address to get a connection set up. Ask us to Service Qualify the address if you are not too sure.

If your address is NBN ready, first time NBN connections take approximately 2 weeks. Give or take. This timescale is out of our control as it depends on the workload of the NBNCo contractors rolling out the NBN in your area.

There could be technical or hazardous circumstances that will mean that it may take longer than 2 weeks. But we will keep you well advised along the way.

Got a nbn™ connection already but moving home?

Check with us if the NBN is available at your new pad. If it is…great! A new order will need to be placed with us to get the ball rolling again. Please note that you cannot transfer your current NBN connection to another address as each address uses different infrastructure. It is simply a new order again.

Lots more NBN order information here



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