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 The connection process in a nutshell

1. Place your NBN order, NewSprout then provision upstream 

2. Approximately 24-48hrs hrs later you will receive an email advising the appointment date/installation date for the connection

(The connection date is the day you should go live – when the tech completes the work, but it may take up to 24hrs)

3. Once notified by upstream, NewSprout will email or call you to confirm your connection has completed and is live

4. Soon after your connection completes NewSprout then process the appropriate billing credit back to your account

What we need from you

1. We need proof of your address

You would have confirmed and re-entered this address during your order so all good!
It confirms that we will be hooking the NBN up to the right house / business – if you think you may have made a mistake then you need to get in touch ASAP otherwise changes to the order may incur an extra charge from the NBNCo!

2. Active phone number/FNN details

*Please note – the need for an FNN only applies to FTTN and FTTB connections*

If you have been advised by the NBN or us in due course that your connection will be FTTN (Fibre To The Node) or FTTB (Fibre to the Building), please also send through your Active home phone number – also known as an FNN .

If you do not have an Active phone line the NBNCo. can provision your service on what they call a “Subsequent Installation” and could be subject to a $300.00 connection fee.
We can not advise whether or not you will be charged for this fee until we provision the order on your behalf.
If we are advised that you will get charged and you do not wish to proceed with the order, we will process a full refund.

Also, NBNCo. will charge the $300 as a “New Development Charge” for any new buildings or residential areas for the first connection in that development.
You could perhaps discuss with your Body Corporate to see if they will agree to re-imburse you if indeed you are the first to connect when we place an NBN order for you.
Again, we can not advise whether or not you will be charged for this fee until we provision the order on your behalf.
If we are advised that you will get charged and you do not wish to proceed with the order, we will process a full refund.

In both cases we strongly disagree with this charge as it is not fair at all for you to be charged an extra $300! However, that is the NBNCo policy re the first time connections in a development and Subsequent Installation.

How long does it take to be connected?

Already had a NBN connection?

If you already have an NTD/NBN Box installed in your premises or have an existing FTTN/FTTC connection with another provider, there is a good chance you will be connected within one to two working days!

First time connecting your home to the NBN?

Of course the NBN needs to be available in your area and at your address to get a connection set up. Ask us to Service Qualify the address if you are not too sure.

If your address is NBN ready, first time NBN connections take approximately 2 weeks. Give or take. This timescale is out of our control as it depends on the workload of the NBNCo contractors rolling out the NBN in your area.

There could be technical or hazardous circumstances that will mean that it may take longer than 2 weeks. But we will keep you well advised along the way.

What happens to my landline phone with my FTTN NBN connection?

Your landline is “sacrificed” or cut-off when your FTTN NBN connection completes.

When your NBN service connects it is your responsibility to cancel your landline billing with your phone provider. The NBN connection does not do this automatically. Only you as the account holder can formally cancel that service.

Still want a ‘landline’ phone?

We recommend you use your mobile phone plan, and perhaps top it up, but if this is not an option then you need a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. Drop us an email or give us a call for more details.

Do I need any extra equipment?

YES, and NO – You have three options:

1. Connect a wireless ‘NBN ready’ router so you can use a Wi-Fi network allowing all devices to connect to the NBN wirelessly!
You can order a router from your client area (under your Service > Addons) or simply give us a call if you haven’t already added one to your order. We configure and ship via Express Post. And it is unlocked meaning you can use it anywhere!

2. You can use your existing all in one ‘NBN ready’ wireless modem/router that you perhaps used for your ADSL connection, and all you need to do is configure it to use solely as a router then connect it to the NTD via an ethernet cable.

For a FTTN connection you will not be able to use your old ADSL modem, unless it is VDSL2 compatible!

3. You can connect to the NTD (Network Termination Device – white “NBN” box installed in your house) directly to your PC/Mac using an ethernet cable to your computer as long as it has an ethernet port and the network card driver and main registry is up to date. (Please note that some network drivers will just not connect to a NBN PPPoE connection – throwing up a “718 unable to connect “ error). However this method means you will not be using a Wi–Fi (wireless) network at your premises so freedom to roam will not be an option. Other devices will also have to connect using an ethernet cable which is not very practical.

You have a modem/router already? Then please pay careful attention to this…

FTTN, FTTB/FTTdP, FTTC  = requires a VDSL2 modem/router.

FTTP, WirelessNBN, SatelliteNBN, Hybrid Fibre/Coaxial NBN  = requires a router with a WAN port, or a modem/router with a WAN port that has the capability for the modem function to be turned off – if not it will NOT work.

Please take the time while your new connection is being finalised to send us an email with the modem/router Name and Model so we can check if it is compatible for you.
It is possible it may need to be replaced, particularly if it is more than a couple of years old, but the good news is that new routers are very well priced now and it will probably enhance your Wi-Fi connection which will allow you to take full advantage of the NBN service.

Should I buy a router from NewSprout?


We seriously do recommend you order one from us as it is just easy…we do the configuring for you and you just need to plug in, connect to the Wi-Fi network, and go!
It is current and unlocked so you can use it on other similar NBN connections :)

Cool tip – what is Wi-Fi?

Many people get the terminology mixed up. It’s great to know the difference between ‘Wi-Fi’ and your Broadband connection as it can help you in understanding on how to configure your modem/router.

Connected to Wi-Fi means…
Your device (lap top, phone, iPad) ——> talks to your modem/router over a Wi-Fi network or a Wireless Network ——> then your modem/router talks to your NewSprout Broadband connection.
“Wi-Fi” does not mean or refer to your actual internet service.


NBN Critical Information Summary

Please check our Terms and Conditions on our website from time to time to ensure you understand the services we offer and what your obligations are as a customer, should you need to cancel your service in future:


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