nbn™ for Byron Bay, Bangalow, and Suffolk Park NSW

The nbn™ roll out is in it’s final stages in parts of Byron Bay, Belongil, Byron Industrial Estate, Sunrise Estate, Bangalow, and Suffolk Park.
Most of these areas are due to be fully ready by March 2018.

What does this all mean?

The nbn™ broadband network will replace your current ADSL broadband technology, delivering higher speeds and a more consistent service.
The network is replacing major parts of the existing phone & internet infrastructure. You will need to switch over from ADSL to the nbn™ to the keep using internet at home.
Once it is available in your area, you will have approximately 18 months to switch before your existing phone and/or internet is disconnected.

Get in touch for us to check your exact address.

When it is ready, how quickly can you then get connected to the nbn™?