Bulk Emailing Services

NewSprout offers email accounts with all hosting services, however they are not designed for bulk or mass marketing emails to your client base.
Outgoing emails are capped on our servers to allow you more than enough traffic for your day-to-day work.

If you wish to complement your hosting with mass marketing via email, we recommend having a look around at the many services designed specifically for email based marketing and there are some fantastic features that these services can offer.
And the bonus is, it will use your own domain email address as the sender/reply address!

You will be able to reach your whole client base, or just a handful and keep them informed of any news or updates, even send out your current special offers.

Here are just a few of the Bulk Emailing services out there:
(we do not endorse or recommend or have an affiliation with any of these services)

– MailChimp – SendGrid – MailJet – MailGun –

Many services offer free email campaigns up to a certain amount of subscribers. Beyond that, it is usually a sliding scale for pricing.

If you want to keep your client based informed you don’t want your bulk email flagged as SPAM or unsolicited email. This is why you should use a service that specialises in bulk emailing to send your marketing/newsletter/important notice out legitimately.
You will save time and be able to design the email to your needs and your specific clients and the client will know that it is not just part of the everyday junk that floods the internet.
Part of most services includes statistics on how many clients have received/opened/forwarded/deleted/unsubscribed to the email.
This is important information that will help you update your campaign to help you target the correct people on future campaigns.

What happens if I send bulk mail direct from my NewSprout hosted email account?

Then you are actually sending SPAM. And almost certainly if not in that first wave of bulk email but perhaps the next one, your email address domain and sending server IP address will get reported as sending SPAM! This will in turn blacklist your domain and cause immediate problems for you sending any emails and for your customers sending mail to you. Visitors also may not be able to access your website. You will lose enquiries and sales. This could continue for days or longer until your domain is white listed.

The bottom line is…

Use a recognised Bulk Email System to ensure you use proper opt in and unsubscribe methods providing you with a Spam score for your messages to ensure they will get delivered and treated as legitimate bulk mail. You can google Global and Australian Anti-Spam best practises and legislation to fully appreciate the laws surrounding Spam.