Existing NewSprout NBN Customers


Key Points:

We’ve managed to secure some great new NBN pricing with Unlimited Data.

This not only applies to new customers, but it also applies to all our existing customers.

This may seem obvious, however unfortunately it is not a practice followed by most Internet Providers. They will happily keep quiet and continue to take your money.

What do I need to do to benefit from the new NBN plans?

You don’t need to do anything, we are moving your service onto these new plans as soon as we possibly can and your data will automatically become UNLIMITED and you will get better value for money with your plan.

However, please let us know if your pricing has not changed over yet in case it has been missed or not yet actioned and we’ll be sure to update it.

We’ve always strived to do things differently from the bigger providers, this being one of them. Instead of locking you into contracts or plans where you don’t get notified of improved offerings, we proactively pass on any improved pricing we can to all our existing customers. And importantly to note…all with NO CONTRACTS.

Source: NewSprout Blog