Move to the nbn™ when your address is ready!

“I’m not switching to the NBN … until I really have to”

We hear this regularly – even from our friends and relatives who know we have lived and breathed nbn™ for 6 years! Even from our current ADSL clients whom we have been supporting for many years!

We will clear up this misconception and explain why you should be switching as soon as possible…

Before you say that line above, here are two things you really need to know:

  • Despite what posts you may read, the nbn™ Broadband service IS good.

Don’t get caught up with social media or other forum complaints.

There are usually a select few people on there:

A) ones comparing Australia to other countries. While it is good to compare and work towards, it is not useful degrading what we currently have.

B) the ones who like to complain…complain about their big Telco provider…but still stay with their big Telco providers who were the ones that neglected upgrading Australian infrastructure in the first place…meaning the government and nbn™ had to step in. The same ones with offshore support desks and the same ones with year on year contracts, leaving you little choice.

C) the ones who complain, but buy the slowest cheapest plan they can find. If they bought the fastest speed and from a provider with good reviews, then their complaints would be far more reliable and useful.

  • Compared to ADSL, the nbn™  is generally much better and faster and if you choose at least the 25/5 speed tier, you will be getting close to double the average ADSL download speed, and five times the upload speed.

However if you don’t want to be one of those people complaining how bad the nbn™ is, then choose a higher speed tier such as 50/20  or the 100/40. Australia has some very cheap plans now, cheaper than other countries, so if you don’t expect to pay nothing and get everything, you will be in a far better position to benefit from what the nbn™ currently has to offer.

You will be getting close to 4 x the download speed, and nearly 20 times the upload speed of what you’ve been used to! Some areas will support the top speed tier of 100/40 which is nearly 9 x the download speed and up to 40 x the upload speed of old ADSL services.


Even more reasons to switch to the nbn™ now…

  • Mostly you will be paying much less for nbn™ than you will be for ADSL because you do not need a traditional landline phone anymore.
  • You only have 18 months to move off ADSL on to nbn™ once an area is nbn™ ready. There really is no point delaying.
  • Even if you are in one of the areas that are struggling compared to what is possible on the new nbn™ network, it will get better and better…and costing less than ADSL, this is not a bad place to start.
  • It is true, there are many other countries that do have much faster fixed line Broadband similar to the nbn™, but you cannot compare with Australia primarily due to sheer size of this country. It’s not a valid reason to delay connecting to the nbn™ or even have a whinge about why smaller less developed countries get faster broadband. Many of those other countries have more expensive internet than us too.

(Saying all of the above, we do agree that Australians shouldn’t have been over-promised on the whole nbn™ rollout. We should have simply kept up with technology like most other countries. Yes the government had to step in and fill a gap the big providers had neglected, however we shouldn’t lose sight of it being an expensive and difficult solution to solve in one of the biggest countries in the world with one of the smallest populations.)

nbn™ is here right now, better than other options in Australia right now…it’s cheaper than ADSL, it’s faster than ADSL and it’s more reliable than ADSL.

It will continue to improve. So get on board and support it, which will ultimately help make it better.

Send us an email via our contact form including your exact address and we will check for nbn™ availability.