What does a NBN service provider who will work bloody hard for you look like?

Typically they are small and have streamline processes geared towards:

  • Simple NO Contract nbn™ plans – No bundles
  • Very simple order process
  • No legacy systems that add many layers of utter uselessness
  • Swift personal response to calls and emails
  • Typically you will regularly communicate to a couple of people/a few staff members only
  • Been waiting forever to get connected by Telstra or another Telco? A great service provider will know to ask you for information that no other service provider has even thought of

To further validate a bloody good service provider, they will have weathered the nbn™ storm from the start and still exist and probably with the same original staff, whereas many will have tried and failed and folded within a year or two.

NewSprout is 16 years old, has the same original staff (with a few more grey hairs!) plus some additional staff, and has been connecting Australians nationwide to the nbn™ since the first rollout in Coffs Harbour in 2014! :)

Who actually installs or connects my nbn™?

You would be forgiven if you think that Telstra are the NBN, or that it is Telstra who install equipment or ‘lines’, or that it is Telstra who look at nbn™ faults. After all they were and still are the Telecommunications monopoly even now that the NBNCo. are rolling out the National Broadband Network. The NBNCo are not Telstra (or are they?).

The fact is that the monopoly probably has the largest Telco work force behind the desks and in-the-field, and when it comes to in- the-field work…it is those Telstra technicians or ex Telstra technicians that often are the subcontractors to the NBNCo. and their delivery partners. They may even be driving a Telstra branded van or wear a Telstra logo on their high vis shirt when they rock up to do your install. Hence the confusion. And this confusion can lead to the same sceptical outlook on the whole nbn™ process.

Yes at times this process is cumbersome verging on clunky with too much red tape. It is the service providers who do all the heavy lifting and wade through the majority of these bloated processes. These days the vast majority of connections are straightforward with a short waiting time for new connections. However, sometimes it does not go to plan or as quickly as it should.

That is when you need to be talking to a small service provider who actually gives a s**t. While no service provider can waive a magic wand to ‘problem’ connections or new connections with lengthy delays, it is the small service providers who have been dealing with nbn™ right from the get go who will be working the hardest for you and your dollar. They are the ones who have a small team dedicated to keeping you informed, have transparency, and try all angles to make things happen.