Can I upgrade my nbn™ technology to Fibre to the Premises?

If you are already connected to the nbn™ network via a technology other than Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) you may potentially be able to change your nbn™ technology type to FTTP.

Is it really possible?

Good question! As the nbn™ rollout is still underway it could be a lengthy process or it may not be possible or depending on your area.

Apply through the Technology Choice Program . Keep in mind application and additional fees apply to cover the costs associated with that change of technology and the costs can vary greatly.

If possible is it worth the cost?

If you run a busy online dependant business from home or an office then perhaps the answer is yes.

However you really have to weigh up if the potential gain in speed will noticeably improve your online experience.

Most homes and small businesses can operated very effectively on the download and upload speeds of the 2nd highest speed tier the 50/20. Unless, that is, your provider and their backhaul has high contention rates!

Before I try change is there anything I can do to optimise my current connection?

First definitely upgrade to 100/40 to see if it is sufficient.

Secondly put in a second connection to the same premises as this might be enough – you could separate home use and business use.

Thirdly chat to your provider for advice. Check with them that you are on the highest speed tier your current nbn™ technology will support. If not then upgrade and see how it goes for a period.

Lastly, if the Technology Choice Program is your next step then perhaps start that sooner rather than later with the NBNCo. as there could be long wait times.