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What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

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Let’s first recap what an SSL certificate is…

The SSL certificate shows, and gives your visitors peace of mind, that the page of the site they are visiting is secure. In addition to being secure, it ensures it has been verified by a trusted independant source ensuring the site is actually who they say they are…not some scamming group!

An SSL is the “https” part of your site URL or the padlock symbol that lights up green, or sometimes just a grey padlock in some browsers. A single SSL is installed on one subdomain only of a domain, e.g. “www.” or “cart.” or “shop.”, basically this can be whatever you choose, however only one subdomain can be chosen.


Do I need an SSL?

Yes you do if any of the following apply:

> You are taking transactions via your website or eCommerce shopping cart

> You have a blog that allows visitors to submit information

> You collect any type of sensitive information on your website

OK I get it…but should I go for an individual SSL or a Wildcard SSL?

Either way it is not a lot of money for an online business as it shows your clients that your checkout is secure.

If you have multiple sub-domains then the Wildcard SSL may be the most practical.
Wildcard SSL certificates secure your website URL and an unlimited number of its subdomains.

For example, a single Wildcard certificate can secure www.justanexample.com.au, mail.justanexample.com.au, blog.justanexample.com.au and cart.justanexample.com.au among others.

If you jump on to our website www.newsprout.com.au then you will see the green https and padlock on all pages as we have installed a Wildcard SSL. When you click on the padlock then you will see the valid certificate information for *.newsprout.com.au.


Wildcard SSL certificates secure web sites just like an individually assigned SSL certificate, but with ALL subdomains being covered by the certificate.

It’s your call but a Wildcard SSL covers all bases, and doesn’t cost much more!


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