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How to setup Email on your Android/Google phone

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Setting up Emails on an Android Device.

Setting up an email account on an Android device is much easier than you think, however there are two things to consider before you set up your email.
Firstly, do you want to set up your email as a POP3 account or an IMAP account? I will explain the differences below:

IMAP: An IMAP account functions the same as a mirror as it simply reflects what is currently on the server for a particular email account. This option is highly recommended if you are planning to have a particular email account on multiple devices. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will need to monitor the size of the mailbox to ensure it doesn’t get full and this can be done by regularly deleting old emails that are no longer needed.

POP3:A POP3 account is the exact opposite of an IMAP account. POP3 will download the emails on the server directly onto your device and remove the email from the server, which will automatically keep the size of the mail account to a minimum.  This option is highly recommended if you are planning to have a particular email on only one device.

Secondly, which mail program would you like to use? For Android, it’s highly recommended that you use Gmail as it is on your device by default and it is easy to set up and get started.

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Android Gmail Set-Up Walkthrough

Firstly, swipe up on your screen to bring up your list of installed applications, in the search bar up the toptype ‘Settings’ and click Settings.

Scroll through settings to find “passwords & Accounts”

Select “+ Add account”
Once you have selected ‘+ Add New Account’ you will see there a few options to choose from, this where you need to select POP3 or IMAP based on how you wanted the email account set up (both processes are basically the same).
If you have chosen option 2 or option 3, please follow the next few steps.

Please check your email address, password and the mail server for any spelling mistakes as it will prevent you from completing the setup.
Once that has validated, you are ready to go!


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