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Which nbn™ speed is perfect for you?

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This is our nbn™ Speed Tier guide to what you can do with these speeds and suggestions for who would make best use of them. Hope it helps!

100/40 – As fast as the nbn™ gets

Super responsive for all internet activity. Especially useful where a business or home has several people using the connection simultaneously. The upload speeds of up to 40Mbps are great if you or your business shares large quantities of media online, including photos and videos, but they are also essential for large data backups to cloud services.
Home users will download full-length HD movie rentals in a matter of minutes, and will be future-proofed for when these files become even bigger with new, higher resolution technologies.

The verdict:  Superfast internet – even when numerous people are online at once (not available in some areas).

50/20 – Perfect for daily heavy use

Perfect for homes or businesses where multiple people are online at the same time.
50Mbps would be sufficient to make most internet applications seem instantaneous. Streaming HD videos will begin with little to no waiting time.

The verdict: 4-5 times faster than a good ADSL connection. Very fast with multiple users online at once, even when uploading and downloading large files. This is where the nbn™ starts showing its true benefits.

25/10 – Fast upload speed

Same download speed range as 25/5, but approximately 9-10 times the upload speed of an average ADSL connection.
Great if you upload large files to a remote server such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or a Website.

The verdict: Good for a small home based businesses (not available in some areas).

25/5 – Moderate use

Fast broadband – perfect for your everyday use. Approximately twice the download speed and 4-5 times the upload speed of an average ADSL connection.

The verdict: Compared to ADSL, a decent jump in responsiveness whilst browsing the web, streaming videos, emailing.

12/1 – Very basic everyday use

Suitable for households with very basic phone or internet usage. 12/1 is not considered a superfast broadband plan. May be similar to what many households or businesses in Australia may experience on ADSL.
Perfect for basic tasks such as browsing and emailing. Streaming lower definition video content may be OK.

The verdict: Our advice is take the advantage of the nbn™ and choose a higher speed!


Still not sure?

Our advice is simple:

> Go as fast as your budget allows, and only opt for a data quota that you need

> In other words pay for a higher speed…not a surplus of data!

> Remember, with us you have the freedom to change your plan at anytime


Do I need any extra equipment?

Yes and No. This should help you decide
But remember, the reason you are upgrading to the nbn™ is to make the most of the faster network, and if your current router is old, it may not be up to the task of sharing the internet at nbn™ speeds.


*Please note: Speed tiers are maximum theoretical speeds advertised by the nbn™ and they themselves do not offer any speed guarantees.  Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network, is determined by the nbn™ technology over which services are delivered to your premises, the local CVC utilisation at various times of the day, your internet providers network, your equipment quality, software being used and very importantly what you are trying to do on the internet at that exact time.


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