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Moving Home? How to bring your nbn™ with you

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Moving home?

It’s an easy process but best give your ISP as much notice as you can – some nbn™ connections can take up to 2 weeks to connect.

Contact them with your new address as soon as you can to get the ball rolling, or if you haven’t decided where to move to yet get them to check for availability.

1. Let us know you’re moving and we’ll handle the rest.
2. There are many different scenarios, but we’ve got you covered and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. We’ll update you along the way with progress.
3. We’ll ensure your modem is the right one, it can get complicated, especially if you have the wrong equipment or wrong advice. You don’t have to worry about any of these choices with us, we’ll get you up and running seamlessly at your new place.
4. Transitioning from ADSL to NBN during your move? Don’t worry about it as you have enough to worry about during your move. Correct advice on which plan and modems/routers is part of what we do.

A great idea is if you have a few homes or suburbs on your shortlist, then it’s possible for us to check an address before hand for you to help with your decision. Not all locations are the same. Some can get a better service than others. E.g. FTTP compared to FTTN.


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