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How to update your Credit Card details

in Client Area Help

Need to update your credit card details?
Easy…you can login to My Account then update the credit card details in there and then view and pay the invoice. The exact steps are…
> First, login to My Account at  https://myaccount.newsprout.com.au/clientarea.php using your primary email address you entered when you signed up with us, and the password to login
(If you can’t recall your password you can reset it on that page.)
> Once logged in, click on the drop down on the right hand side that says “Hello, ‘your name’! “
> click “Manage Credit Card” and update the new card details then click “Save Changes”
If you now need to pay an outstanding invoice…
> click “Home” which takes you back to the home page that says “Welcome Back, ‘your name’ “
> click “Invoices”
> click on the unpaid invoice
> then click “Pay Now”
Or give us a call on 02 6687  6533 and we can take your card details over the phone.
Best not send them via email – even though it is secure!


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