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Disk Space : Size In Megabytes (MB)

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A generous amount of disk space is included with each and every NewSprout package. It is unlikely your website will run out of space, and it is a very simple upgrade process to take advantage of a package that may suit you better should you run out of space.

How bits and Bytes work

  • 1 Byte = 8 bits 1KB (KiloByte) = 1,024B (Bytes)*
  • 1MB (MegaByte) = 1,024KB (KiloBytes)*
  • 1GB (GigaByte) = 1,024MB (MegaBytes)*
  • 1TB (TeraByte) = 1,024GB (GigaBytes)*

*Standard practice is to round 1,024 to 1,000 for ease of calculation

“Bytes” will be referred to when disk size or disk space is being referred to, e.g. 2,000 MB, means 2,000 MegaBytes, or when usage is being referred to, e.g. for traffic or bandwidth usage, 15 GB, means 15 GigaBytes.

And “bits” are used for describing data transfer rates, e.g. 1 Meg, means 1 Mbps or 1 Megabits per second or 1,000 Kilobits per second.

So to explain the correlation here, a 1 Mbps line speed could theoretically serve 324GB of traffic or bandwidth in a month.

Actually it is 316GB, the calculation would be as follows:

1 (Mega bit “per second”) x 60 (to change into “per minute”) x 60 (to change into “per hour”) x 24 (to change into “per day”) x 30 (to change into “per month”) x 8 (to change from “bits” to “Bytes”) which equals 324,000MB/month.

And finally 324,000 / 1,024 (to change into a more usable number in GigaBytes) which equals 316 GB served in a month. But we can simply divide it by 1,000 to get 324GB when talking approximately.


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