Why Support Renewable Energy and Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

NewSprout Hosting reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support renewable energy by using GreenPower. We also offset our greenhouse gas emissions by supporting Carbon Neutral.




GreenPower Web Hosting

We can proudly say we’ve made the best choice for the environment by offsetting our carbon emissions.

This is done by using renewable GreenPower energy for our web hosting as far as possible, which is generated from sources like mini hydro, wind power and biomass.

These sources produce no net greenhouse gas emissions.

Web Hosting supporting Carbon Neutral

It’s impossible to use GreenPower for every aspect of our business, it’s still a relatively new technology, so for all the other emissions generated by NewSprout, we support Carbon Neutral by making a donation for the tonnes of emissions we generate.

This begins the process of offsetting carbon pollution, combating salinity, preventing soil erosion, restoring biodiversity, revegetating degraded land and providing much needed habitat for wildlife.

It is by no means a quick fix, but a long process taking 30 or 40 years to remove the majority of emissions, and 70 to 100 years to fully offset the emissions.

This is something positive to leave generations to come, rather than leaving them pollution.