The Newsprout Spam-Filter Included with Every Package For Free

With the NewSprout Spam-Filter we understand it is not feasible to pay for spam filtering on a per-mailbox basis. So we have abandoned the outdated per-user based pricing models and our filters are included on a per domain basis with every one of our hosting packages.

This is not just your average “run-of-the-mill” spam filter! This is a specifically built and customised spam filter that works. It is extremely accurate and all you will need.

All our NewSprout web hosting packages come with our Spam Filter automatically setup for you – and FREE!

While we are confident there will be no need to change any settings, you always have full control of your email and have access to the spam cluster through a link in your cPanel. All stats, logs, quarantined email, whitelists and blacklists can be viewed here. However, please note the settings are already optimally configured and no changes are required on your part.

When logged into your cPanel, please go to “Mail” > “The NewSprout Spam-Filter” > “Antispam Management Area”.

10 Reasons and Benefits why we believe this is the best Anti-Spam service available:

  1. No need for any other filtering or email protection, you can disable and get rid of all those other things you have tried! This is no ordinary spam filter, it blocks spam at the server level. Therefore, it never gets to your computer giving you more overall security, as viruses will also be blocked at the server level
  2. Also you don’t waste your bandwidth downloading unwanted spam
  3. 99.98% detection rate, 0.0001% false positives – so rest assured! That means 2 out of every 10,000 spam messages may get through. It also means the system may incorrectly detect only 1 in a million messages incorrectly as spam – these will either give the sender a bounced message or they will be quarantined – they will never be lost (in the very unlikely event this occurs in the first place)
  4. Clustered environment – the spam filter is setup on multiple servers owned and managed by us. This adds redundancy to your email delivery and scalability to our environment
  5. No pointing fingers – we own our equipment and therefore we have full control of the cluster and entire delivery process – as opposed to many other solutions out there, where your email would be routed through a filter on a 3rd party network. This adds extra hops, complexity and loss of control of the complete mail delivery process
  6. It is integrated into your single control panel (cPanel) – this gives you easy access to the spam filter
  7. False postives eliminated due to two filtering levels, at the “SMTP” and “data” levels. Most spam will be blocked at the “smtp” level before the “data” in the email even needs to be interrogated
  8. Very smart technology that “learns” legitimate email sources. Even if emails or the sending source is blacklisted (often for the wrong reasons), our system will still deliver the email from legitimate sources
  9. Did we mention it is FREE! It is not charged on a per-user mailbox basis like many outdated pricing models still do. It is included free with every NewSprout web hosting package – protecting your entire domain
  10. And a 10th bonus reason! – if you are running your own mail server, e.g. an Exchange Server (or onsite mail server) – we have the perfect quick hassle free solution for you. A few of our clients with their own mail servers have had audits performed on their networks and the one thing missing was redundancy and what happens in the event their Exchange Server goes down; or is unavailable. Our spam cluster also acts as a failover mail service for you. If your mail server is unreachable your mail is down and in normal scenarios all mail will bounce and you won’t ever receive it. With this service, we will queue your mail until you’ve fixed the issue and it will then be delivered as normal.