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Information about your ADSL Order

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Information regarding your ADSL Order

What we need from you

1. Active phone number/FNN details

We need your landline phone number also known as the FNN, but you would have confirmed and re-entered this address during your order so all good!
However if you think you have entered it incorrectly then let us know immediately please…otherwise we will end up connecting the ADSL service to that number i.e. someone else! And there will be extra charges to correct this!

How long does it take to be connected?

1. Brand new Connections

Your ADSL Broadband service will take a few days to be configured through the exchange – usually around 2-5 working days.

If it’s a brand new internet connection and for some reason it is not available on your telephone number at your exchange (even though it said it was available), it can take up to 21 days for us to know this and we’ll notify and refund you in full if this is the case. We want to make you aware of this (and that it could take 21 days for the copper providers to realise this), but it is a very unlikely occurrence. If you already have ADSL and are changing to us, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

2. Transfers from another provider

Transferring your service from another provider? It will take around 2 working days.
Once you are connected to your NewSprout service then you can cancel your broadband service with the other provider.

* IMPORTANT – You still need an active FNN for ADSL, therefore DO NOT cancel that component with them! If you are unsure what to do then pease get in touch with us before you do anything!

Do I need any extra equipment?


– An ADSL service requires a modem/router to connect to the phone wall socket.
– A ‘filter/splitter’ is also a necessary piece of kit as this filters out ‘noise’ from your phone line. It’s not just supplied to plug in a phone as well. A filter comes with all new modems – it’s that little white box with short cable on it and has “ADSL and “Phone” ports.

Should I buy a modem/router from NewSprout?


We seriously do recommend you order one from us as it is just easy…we do the configuring for you and you just need to plug in, connect to the Wi-Fi network, and go!
And it is unlocked so you can use it on other connections :)

If you have one already…

Please take the time while your new connection is being finalised to send us an email with the modem/router Name and Model so we can check if it is compatible for you. If you had it with a previous provider they may have locked it! :-(
It is possible it may need to be replaced, particularly of it is more than a couple of years old, but the good news is that new modem/routers are very well priced now and it will probably enhance your Wi-Fi connection which will allow you to take full advantage of your ADSL service.

We will supply your modem preconfigured! You can order one from your client area (under your Service > Addons) or simply give us a call if you haven’t already added one to your order.

And when your area becomes NBN ready you will most likely be able to use it on your new NBN connection!

Cool tip – what is Wi-Fi?

Many people get the terminology mixed up. It’s great to know the difference between ‘Wi-Fi’ and your ‘Broadband connection’ as it can help you in understanding on how to configure your modem/router and troubleshoot should you need to,

Connected to Wi-Fi means…
Your device (lap top, phone, iPad) ——> talks to your modem/router over a Wi-Fi network or a Wireless Network – no cables ——> then your modem/router talks to your NewSprout Broadband connection.
“Wi-Fi” does not mean or refer to your actual internet service.

Hope this helps!

ADSL Critical Information Summary

Please check our Terms and Conditions on our website from time to time to ensure you understand the services we offer and what your obligations are as a customer, should you need to cancel your service in future:


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