Save Club Lennox


We had the choice: To spend $50k on a TV ad or donate $50k to save a local legend!

Here’s how you can help save it no matter where you are in Australia and WITHOUT donating a cent!

Simply transfer your Home or Business Broadband internet service to us, NewSprout.

Please Note: Many people think that being in a discounted “bundled bill” with your internet saves you money, well…it doesn’t!

In fact, often the contracts imposed on you ensure the provider can continue to charge “non-competitve” fees for years to come. If in doubt, please let us do a comparison for you. You can still keep your bundle for other products while only changing your internet service to us. And importantly, if you keep the rest of your bundle with them, you can keep your email address too.

>> Save the club now with our NO-CONTRACT Home and Business Broadband plans

>> Regional Plans here

This is our thinking

Rather than spending marketing money on traditional ads, without any way to measure the ad’s real success. We thought we could give all of that money to save a good cause, our local club! That is real success, to save something real!

The bowlo closed on the 11th November 2012 and has been shut ever since.

Here’s how you can get involved in creating our new club and save it!

We are donating ALL REVENUE for an entire month. In other words, not only our profits, not only 10%, or 20%. A full month’s revenue from all our Broadband accounts for a limited time. That includes our costs to the copper providers…everything! We won’t keep a cent and we’ll give it all to the bowlo.

There is no way we can measure where these accounts come from or who referred them, so we’ve decided to donate every single one of our Broadband account’s revenue that we have after a certain time frame. No matter where in Australia you may be and no matter if the subscriber knows nothing about the club!

Why are we doing it?

Our internet service is new, even though we’ve been around for almost 8 years, we’ve only been offering broadband since late last year. We’re late comers to the market and we need to get our name out there. Rather than spending huge marketing money to compete with Bigpond, Dodo, etc. we’ve decided to give that much needed money to the new Club Lennox.

If we get at least 500 subscribers, we’ll donate all the revenue to the Bowlo. If we get more, there is no limit, we’ll donate it all!

It could be well over $50,000.

Support us, support Club Lennox and benefit from using our broadband service with our personal support and No Contracts.

Here are 5 GREAT REASONS why to use us even if you don’t care about saving Club Lennox (but regardless, the club will still get the money):

1. Your existing bundle is not as good as you were led to believe! You may not be getting the best speed or service available to you!

2. We offer NO CONTRACT internet, meaning your monthly fee will drop whenever we can drop it – no red-tape or trying to lock you in.

3. What you need to do:

1. Signup online or over the phone (3 minutes max) +
2. A picture of your current bill emailed or faxed to us

That’s it!

What we need to do:
3. All the rest. Only takes a week to cut-over with no interruption to your current service

4. We’re changing the way internet is provided in Australia just like we’ve been doing with Hosting for the past 8 years.

5. Everyone that gets behind us and the club will stand a chance at winning some more awesome prizes, just like the Bluesfest tickets comps we’ve recently had. 

>> Save it now with our NO-CONTRACT Home and Business Broadband plans



1. I get 15% discount on my current bundle and I don’t want to lose my existing email address if I move?

Our ADSL will cost the same or less than you currently pay (even with your bundled discount). Our ADSL has NO CONTRACT, in other words, no 24-month lock-in at a fixed rate that doesn’t adapt to market changes! You can keep your phone and mobile in your bundle with your current provider, which means you’ll still get a discount on those, and this also means you’ll be able to keep your email address with them.

2. Do I have to call my current provider and cancel? I don’t feel like sitting on the phone for 3 hours?

Nope. Just a 3 minute signup with us plus a copy of your current bill and we’ll do the rest!

3. I’m not overly happy with my current provider but not upset with them either and couldn’t be bothered changing my internet provider?

Only 3 minutes of your time and you can help support your local town’s economy and club! And get a no contract service…meaning we’ll always do our best to keep your business.