The secret behind the NBN

Before choosing an NBN speed, it may be helpful to understand the way it actually works:

  1. NBN have setup a new network "predominantly" with Fibre (which until someone works out something faster than the speed of light, it is quite a good infrastructure decision to go with fibre as far as future proofing), yes copper has been included back into the mix, but it's only the last bit and this will be replaced over time. The problem is not the temporary copper solution, but the expectation set and the pricing!
  2. The aggregators/wholesalers (the middlemen, e.g. the Telstra Wholesale’s, the TPG's, the Optus' ,the AAPT’s, etc.), they all purchase and on-sell bandwidth and ports and tails from the NBN to RSP's such as ourselves (and unfortunately some of the wholesalers also do retail). But the single biggest problem with the NBN is they don’t buy enough, it is as simple as that!!
  3. RSP’s (like ourselves, are forced to test all these wholesalers and forced to sell what they provide, which is NBN with poor speeds, yet we take all the flack!

The major part missing in the whole NBN debacle (and the reason they don’t buy enough) is the fact that the NBN™ have priced it too high (through government inefficiencies), and how the aggregators (point 2. above) don’t purchase enough CVC and backhaul because it is too expensive and they want to maximise their bottom line.

In other words, they buy too little and mark it up too high.

This equals slow and expensive internet for all Australians.

NBN Internet Data options:

Downloads and Uploads both count towards your Monthly Data Allowance. Once this Monthly Data Allowance is reached your speed will be slowed to 256Kbps and you won't be billed anything extra. However, if you don't want to remain at the slow speed until the end of the billing period (when your quota is reset), you do have the option to top-up your data if you think you will run out, or upgrade to the next plan.

And here's our view on choosing the amount of data to match:

Suitable if you're a tiny internet user who only uses the internet in a very limited way.

Enough for the average household. You still have the option of bumping it up further if you think you will start getting up there. If you're unsure about your usage then it's probably not the plan for you, check our next option.

1,000GB (or 1TB)
This is plenty, it's basically the equivalent of Unlimited usage, but not! If you choose the fastest NBN speed tier then we recommend this option because you'll be able to upload and download so much more. But there is a warning if you need more data than this option :-) There's a beautiful world out there, so if you're hitting this kind of usage, we recommend you take up a new outdoor sport! Having said that, we can still offer more!

NBN Internet Speeds Available:

Speeds you should get, but won't until the above is sorted out:

12/1 Mbps
Hmmm…what's the point? We really think you should look at faster speeds and experience the benefit of having the NBN. After all, not everyone can get it just yet, so go for it! Make it count.
This will be similar to ADSL speeds and compared to some of the lucky ADSL users, it will actually be slower!! If all you do is send the odd email and browse the internet then it would be ok, but still not great. You should really look at our faster plans...

25/5 Mbps
This is a good solid intro to the NBN, faster than ADSL. It's like the ADSL2 we all should have been getting, but it never was quite this fast. Don't stop here, give the faster speeds a look at, it's the NBN and it's here!
You can send photos, watch videos, and download music without too much fuss using this speed.

25/10 Mbps
OK…with an upload speed of 10Mbps you are really benefiting from the NBN! If you're not sure how you'll benefit, then don't worry about this option. For those of you who were waiting for this, at this price! Go on, you know who you are.
Sending emails with large attachments or high resolution photos, or downloading/uploading large files such as video will be lightning fast compared to ADSL. Life will be so much easier now!

50/20 Mbps
This is probably the first decent speed the NBN offers.
If streaming HD movies is something you do this is an option, although you need a humungous TV to benefit in any way from this. If gaming is your thing and you don’t want any lag then this is the speed for you. Once you get to our faster speeds, and if you have multiple office users or household users, this is where you will start to see the true benefit of fast internet.
Also perfect for web designers, photographers or anyone downloading/uploading large files who hate to wait! This is a great option.

100/40 Mbps
Fastest NBN speed currently available. Once you use this speed you'll be begging for the 1,000Mbps speeds which aren't here yet but will be coming.
Very simply put, if you can afford it, go for it. Well suited for time sensitive, interactive applications such as streaming and gaming. Again, perfect for photographers and video editors who frequently upload and download large files. Perfect for all internet usage. And most importantly, perfect for households and offices with multiple users.