Why wouldn’t you transfer your ADSL internet connection to us?

1. “It’s a mission and it will take me too long.”

We timed it.

The entire order process takes just 3 minutes 28 seconds. Think how long your last call took on the phone trying to get a simple question answered with your current provider, or if you tried emailing them, did they even respond?

These 3 and a half minutes could save you a lot of time in future.

2. “But once I signup won’t I have to still do anything”

After the 3 minute order process:

  • One last thing to do, send us a photo of your current bill (emailed to us), or scanned or faxed, whatever method is easiest for you. We’ll handle the rest!
  • We organise your ADSL application/transfer
  • In about 5 to 10 days time, we will confirm when it has completed. You can then update your modem with the new username and password (we’ll send the details and talk you through it).
  • Or opt for our modem option, pre-configured, setup, delivered and ready to simply plug-in!
  • Your internet will continue to work until then

3. “Do I need a new modem?”

No, not a new one, the one you currently use for your ADSL connection is usually fine – unless it is very old :-)

If it’s a brand new connection and you don’t have a modem yet, then you will need to get one. We can supply and deliver it already setup.

4. “Do I need a telephone line”

Yes you do, nothing with your telephone line will change. You continue using the same service from your telephone provider.

If you don’t need a phone anymore, you can keep your line on the most basic connection and don’t use it to make calls. Still better than a “no-line” option.

5.”What about the naked broadband service I’ve heard about”

This is one of those hidden catches that we have got rid of. It’s a marketing thing by some providers to confuse the consumer.

Do you need a phone line to get ADSL Broadand?

If you have “no” telephone line, it’s true, you can save that monthly cost, however you still need the physical connection, i.e. the copper in the ground (going into your house or office), so effectively you do still have a line (but you just can’t make calls on it anymore). The naked broadband packages then charge you a premium because you have no line. So you end up paying the same as a “basic line rental” + ADSL, or in some cases you pay more, and in some cases you may save 5 bucks!

We recommend getting a basic line, you don’t need to use it, but at least you have the option of receiving and making calls if you want to. And plugging in a fax if you still have one!

6. “I’m waiting for the NBN”

This wait could be a bit like “how long is a piece of string”.

We’re keeping our finger on the NBN pulse too and we will be offering it soon, but obviously only as it becomes available in certain areas.

We will notify you when we have our NBN packages ready and also when it’s available in your area, so you can change from your ADSL plan to the NBN network when the time comes. And with our no contract and no cancellation fee, it will ensure you’re not stuck in a contract when it comes around…it will make for a seamless swap-over handled by us :-)

7. “I don’t want to sacrifice on speed”

The main factor for speed is what is available at your exchange and how long the copper is to your house/office.

We have 3 plans, all based on the fastest connection you can get from your exchange. If you can get ADSL2+ that’s what it will be, if you can only get 8Mbps then that will be your maximum speed.

In other words, we will provide the same speed you currently get.

8. “I don’t want to change over because I don’t want downtime”

There won’t be downtime when you transfer across from another provider, as long as you don’t cancel your current connection yet.

Simply wait for the email from us saying the Transfer has been completed and then enter in your new Username and Password in your modem and you’ll stay connected.

9. “This will probably cost more than I’m paying at the moment”

We don’t think so. We’re competitive.

The single most important thing is to check you aren’t paying for what you’re not using.

With our No Contract service, you can change between plans, so you can get what is right for you from the very beginning.

If you believe your current connection is considerably different, either with speed, service or pricing, please send us some info about it and we can give you a comparison. We’re confident that if compared without the catches, we’ll be competitive in pricing…and better with support :-)

10. “I’ll have to call up my current provider anyway to Transfer my internet”

Nope. Just a 3 and a half minutes to signup with us plus a copy of your current bill and we’ll do the rest!

11. “I’m in a contract with my current provider”

This is exactly the reason we offer no contracts, to give you flexibility.

You may need to wait it out and signup once your contract with them expires. Or if you’re nearing the end of your contract, check what kind of cancellation fee they would charge you.

12. “I’m in a bundle and I don’t want to lose my email address with my current provider”

Our ADSL will cost the same or less than you currently pay (even with your bundled discount). Our ADSL has NO CONTRACT, in other words, no 24-month lock-in at a fixed rate that doesn’t adapt to market changes! You can keep your phone and mobile in your bundle with your current provider, which means you’ll still get a discount on those, and this also means you’ll be able to keep your email address with them.

If you don’t have an email address we also provide you with an email address.

13. “So how is the billing going to work”

There is a small setup fee (remember, no contracts, cancellations or early terminations), only the small setup fee.

Then we bill you your monthly fee on the 27th of each month, generating your invoice 10 days before that on the 17th. Your first month may be a smaller or bigger amount, it is pro-rata until the end of the month or the end of the following month.

If you want to cancel your service, you can do so at any time before the 17th of the month. We will then stop invoicing you at the end of that month on the 27th.

Please let us know if you need any help or advice.