Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) And Google

Recently, with Search Engine Optimisation, Adword Campaigns and Online Advertising buzz words, too many businesses are relying solely on this for direction or purpose. I will be the first one to acknowledge the importance of using SEO to benefit your business’ online campaign; however there are a few things to be wary of:

Most importantly, the purpose of your business should be your greatest priority. SEO may improve your online presence and bring new visitors and potential clients to your site/business, however if you don’t know how to convert them into customers or how to treat them once they are customers, then all the SEO in the world is not going to benefit you. A solid business model and product offering should be your first step in this case. Once you have the product you believe in, then you can begin to focus on targeting more clients. A thing I like to always consider is, what would it take to run a successful business if the internet wasn’t invented yet? Obviously certain businesses are only online businesses, however this is still a useful exercise. Try and compare your business to a traditional business (by traditional I am referring to a business that could survive without the internet) and try to relate what products and services you would need to offer to be successful.

Another aspect to be careful of when pursuing an SEO campaign is to “know” what you’re after and know where your business stands relative to your competitors. Too many online businesses get taken for a ride with SEO packages offered by various “professionals”. It is a very difficult industry to get what you are paying for. In some cases a website may be targeting a unique market in which there is not much competition. In this case it is relatively easy to get ranked well in the search engines, like Google or Yahoo. However, for a more competitive market it can be very challenging. So this is why I say you need to be careful with whom you commission for the job of improving your online campaign. It is not always necessary to pay big money to get well ranked. And likewise, sometimes no matter what you are prepared to pay there are sometimes no guarantees of your site improving.

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