Premium Web Hosting in Australia with Personalised Service

Amazing how the really big businesses just can’t get enough!

We pride ourselves in being a premier web hosting provider (in Australia) offering personalised service. As opposed to being a gigantic automated machine after endless growth that can’t satisfy it’s clients.

Don’t get me wrong, we want to grow, and we want our Sprout to mature, innovate and remain competitive, however never to the detriment of our customers or staff.

A funny thing happened that sparked this article…

Recently we got a very direct email (in fact – a threat) from one of the biggest hosting companies in the world!

They threw the legal book at us, making an accusation, that through our online advertising we were leading our consumers to believe we are associated to them.

It is flattering to think we are already a threat to one of the biggest web hosting companies and domain name registrars in the world who manage millions of domain names!

Their words were something along the lines of (and I can imagine with a lot of finger pointing) “Advertising based on our trademarked keywords that is likely to cause confusion among consumers who are instead presented with an advertisement for a competing website.”


“Any use that your company may be making of the trademarks described herein is not authorized by us, nor is such use otherwise permissible under law.”

They then proceeded to request we stop using these ads – which we didn’t have to begin with. And to add their registered trademarks to our “negative keywords” list.

WOW!! I wonder if they have ever considered that not everyone wants to be like them.

Our response was: “we do not advertise, neither with your trademarked terms or any other competitors terms, either in the ads themselves or in any of the keywords we target.”


“Just as you do not want confusion amongst your consumers we certainly don’t want confusion either. We offer a very different service to yourselves and do not wish to be associated in any manner.”

NewSprout Hosting’s MD, Gavin Payne, has been Hosting servers, applications and websites for over 10 years, helping global companies including Telstra, Bidvest, VISA, AVIS, AT&T, Peugeot, BMW, Motorola and many others build their online presence. NewSprout is an Australian company offering website hosting, email services and domain name registrations to business and personal clients. For more information visit