Fantastico – Dew-New Phplinks

fantastico_dewnew1PHPLinks is an open-source project written in PHP for use with MySQL allowing one to run an extremely efficient Link farm, with full search capabilities.

It is a “simulated” search engine in many ways. Dew-New PHPLinks is a free, open-source script. It is a link directory featuring categories, reviews, popular links, new links, and link approval. These links to third party sites are provided as a service to the customers and visitors of the site.It allows you to run a very powerful link exchange, or a complete search engine. It has multi-level site categorisation with infinite search capabilities and is fairly easy to set up.

Features include: related categories; searchable categories; site reviews; site ratings; and an administrative interface. It also allows you to verify that the site, to which you link, is linking back. You can copy link entries to other categories, and show optional featured sites and banner ads.