Email Forwarders : Aliases

In addition to having full control to add, edit or remove your own email accounts through cPanel (included with every hosting package), you have the ability to add additional forwarders to your account, also known as aliases.

As an example: You may have setup an email address for on a domain name that you may have registered.

You may then decide that you want to run a marketing campaign advertising your painting business, using the address in the campaign.

Instead of creating a seperate account with another password, you have the option of just forwarding this address to your existing address

That way, you only need to worry about checking one “Inbox”. The email address in this example would be called an “Alias” or “Forwarder” as it relies on another existing email account to deliver it’s contents.

The benefits of using forwarders:

  • You don’t need to check multiple email accounts
  • You don’t need to setup the additional Forwarders in your email client, e.g. Outlook. They will automatically direct to your existing account
  • They don’t use up your allocated email accounts