ADSL Speed and Data


Downloads and Uploads both count towards your Monthly Data Allowance. Once this Monthly Data Allowance is reached your speed will be slowed to 256Kbps. You have the option to remain at the slow speed until the end of the billing period when your quota is reset, or top-up your data if you think you will run out, or upgrade to the next plan.

ADSL Monthly Data Allowances:

Suitable if you’re not a big user who only uses the internet in a very limited way.

Should be just enough for the small to average user. If you’re unsure about your usage then it’s probably not the plan for you, check our next option.

Supersize me. More than enough for the average household. You still have the option of bumping it up further if you think you will start getting up there!

2,000GB (or 2TB)
This is huge, it’s basically the equivalent of Unlimited usage, but not! If you’re close enough to your exchange and your ADSL speeds are good, then you’ll be able to upload and download so much more.


All our plans are based on the fastest connection you can get from your telephone exchange.

We will apply for the fastest speed available on your behalf.


  • ADSL2+ 20Mbps if available, or
  • ADSL1 8Mbps if ADSL2+ is not available


There are many things that affect speed, most importantly the lengthof the copper from your exchange and also the line quality (quality of the copper from the copper providers), the telephone exchange itself (how old and well maintained it is), your location, time of the day and how busy the internet is during this time, and finally your equipment, network configuration and software.

What you can get from your telephone exchange is out of your control.

Mostly we’ll provide 20Mbps plans that average out at around 10Mbps actual speed. And then for those that can’t get ADSL2+, there are the ADSL 8Mbps plans that will access speeds around 4 – 6Mbps.

Here is a good diagram to show you that ADSL2+ is not always better than ADSL:

(Please note: these are approximate figures and do not always apply, but they do give a good indication of what to expect)



Main points to note in the diagram:
  1. If your house or office is less than 3 km from your exchange then ADSL2+ will give you a clear advantage – drop us an email here and we can tell you the exact distance you are from your local exchange.
  2. If you are between about 3 km and 4 km away from your exchange, then it doesn’t really matter if you are on ADSL1 or ADSL2+, however we will always first apply for ADSL2+
  3. Anything over about 4.5 km gives erratic results and will need to be handled on a case by case basis. You may be lucky to still get connected, however you shouldn’t expect excellent speeds.