Why you can trust us with your ADSL and web hosting!

We believe we are the perfect internet company for you and below are some reasons why:

1. When you use our services – our aim is your Delight

Our passion is simple – Your Delight! We aim to give you ADSL and NBN broadband and web hosting that sets us apart from our competition. We have always been dedicated to delivering the best possible service and treating our clients with the utmost of respect – our services are aimed beyond satisfying – they are aimed to delight you…and each and every one of our customers! We aim to deliver more than we promise!

2. Our Track Record – Read our Testimonials from our Clients

While constantly striving to delight all of our clients with exceptional ADSL and NBN broadband and web hosting, we also strive to offer remarkable service, which is just that, something worth remarking about! All our testimonials were sent to us spontaneously by our delighted clients – without a doubt this is our most prized page on our entire website! Click here to read our client’s comments.

3. No Contract Guarantee

No contracts and no small print. Broadband and Hosting are both covered by our no contract guarantee. If you’re tired of being lured into a 24 month contract with all types of complicated terms and conditions, we offer a no contract no small print approach. We won’t try to force you into a contract term.

4. For your Peace of Mind – 60 Day Web Hosting Money Back Guarantee

We have a no-questions-asked 60 Day Web Hosting Money Back guarantee and a No Early Termination broadband guarantee.

If you have any hesitation signing up with us, for your peace of mind you have the option to quit your hosting, during your first 2 months with us, and we will refund all your money that has already been paid to us within the first 60 days.

For broadband (both ADSL and NBN), you can walk away at any point owning nothing further than your current month! No Early Termination, No breach of contract and No cancellation fees.

5. GreenPower and supporting Carbon Neutral

We reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and support renewable energy by using GreenPower. We also offset our greenhouse gas emissions by supporting Carbon Neutral.

6. We own and manage our own hardware

NewSprout is not a reseller of some other internet service provider or hosting provider. We are an Australian based company and own and manage our own hosting infrastructure. We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a Hosting Service Provider (HSP) which means you will be dealing with the people who can fix the problems and not a middle man who doesn’t have access to the systems.

For the copper and fibre in the ground and the stuff out of our direct control, we manage any issues that arise on your behalf and take the pain away.

7. Latest Server Technology

This is our job and responsibility, to make sure your website’s home is always on the latest web server technology. Currently the web servers used for all clients are powerful VMware servers.

8. Free Email Support or speak to a Friendly Human

Our aim at NewSprout is to provide internet freedom that sets us apart from our competition in the best possible way. We strive to do this in the friendliest way at all times. We have always been dedicated to delivering the best possible service and treating our clients with the utmost of respect – we offer quality support for your broadband and web hosting. Drop us an email if you have any queries whatsoever. We are looking forward to offering you that personal touch!

9. Spam Filter included for all email addresses

To help combat Spam which seems to rise on a daily basis – we use Spam Experts’ world class service, which we include for FREE with each mailbox. We automatically cover each email account you decide to create on your domain that is hosted with us.

10. cPanel Gives you Complete Control

Every web hosting package includes the Control Panel (cPanel) allowing you to manage your email, website and domain through a web interface. You will therefore have complete control of managing your web hosting. You have the ability to manage all aspects of email, anti-spam, files, FTP, CGI scripts, backup, and web site statistics! It also gives you access to your own webmail interface that you can access from any computer with an internet connection.

11. Client Control Centre

Added to your cPanel access, our Client Login section will also give you the ability to manage your broadband usage, upgrades and downgrades, Nameservers for your web hosting and therefore give you complete control of your Nameservers. Also your invoices can be viewed and payment can be made through this same interface – with the ability to update your own account details at any time.

12. Your Site lives in a World Class Data Centre

NewSprout’s servers are hosted and connected to a world class network in Sydney, Australia, giving both redundancy as well as excellent national and international data links. It is an important consideration to make sure your website has access to the connectivity it deserves, giving it both speed and reliability. Our network ensures no bottlenecks thereby providing fast, stable bandwidth to your website.

Our data centre facility is hosted in a State of the Art, ISO 27001 certified Data Centre, one of the only data centres Australia-wide approved by the Federal Government.

13. Bonus Features included

Each hosting package includes added Bonus Features – all inclusive at no additional charge. If you host with NewSprout you will get our World Class Anti-Spam service, hosting that supports Carbon Neutral, accessible Backups through your cPanel, Boosted Web-Space, Webmail to access your email and Anti-virus for free!

14. Web Space Boosted

The web-space in each and every web hosting package we provide has been boosted by more than double. You shouldn’t run out of web-space anytime soon!

15. Anti-Virus Checking on all email addresses

Your website and all the email addresses you create on your domain name that you host with us includes Anti-Virus software! Each month our Anti-Virus software and scanning blocks hundreds of thousands of viruses across our network!

16. Web Statistics to track the Traffic on your website

To make the management of your website easier, each hosting package includes access to your website’s statistics. Through the cPanel you can view all kinds of information about the traffic generated by your website anytime of the day – or night!

17. Access Your own Webmail from your Domain!

If you are out and about and don’t have access to your usual email client/program (such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail) you can gain access to each POP3 Email account created on your domain using a choice of RoundCube, SquirrelMail or Horde – from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world!