A big welcome from our MD, Gavin Payne

Hello there,

If you are reading this I trust you received your new "sprout" in the post as a gift to you :-). Just a small gift to say "thank you" for trusting us with your hosting!

In the internet or web industry, most things are intangible, so I am hoping this small tangible gift (that is also useful) will substantiate NewSprout in your mind as a real living entity that does, in fact, exist - as opposed to being another mystery of all the myriad businesses in cyberspace, hiding behind the faceless beast called the internet :-).

Many businesses have the luxury of providing a tangible product. These products can be enhanced a great deal by the internet and all it has to offer...because the internet is a wonderful thing. But the best part about a tangible product is that there is always an opportunity to "humanise" the customer experience! This is a very important thing, however it is quite difficult to achieve in the web hosting industry, so I hope we have been successful...even if it just brought a small smile to your face...that is good enough for me :-).

Here is your Reward Offer:

There's no such thing as a free lunch but there are free domain names!

NewSprout is looking to "grow", just like your shrub will do if you look after and nurture it, and while we are growing we would like to help grow your business!"

If you sign-up for any of our packages we will give you a free domain name FOREVER. Your choice of a .com.au, .net.au, .com, .net, etc.!

That's right forever!

With a small catch (which I'm sure you can understand)...as long as you keep your hosting with us we'll keep paying for this domain name on your behalf - forever.

So no more annual bills for $27.50 for your domain name and no more renewal worries because we take care of this for you.

All you need to do, to give yourself this great reward from us, is to sign-up to any new Web Hosting Package and use the below coupon in the order form:


The coupon can be used with a MiniSprout Package, NewSprout Package or SuperSprout Package.

Look out for the little box in the order process that says "Promotional Code" and enter the coupon there. We will make sure you receive your free domain right away :-)

The packages can be ones that you sign-up yourself or others that you send this link to. So if you know of anyone who may benefit from this please send this link to any of your friends or colleagues with pleasure.

But hurry, the offer ends on the 20th June 2011.

We look forward to welcoming your new site! Have a great day :-)