Website Design Packages that won’t Break the Bank

Have you considered a website design package? What’s stopping you getting that business website off the ground?

  • Web Designers quotes have been scary, and they don’t include hosting?
  • Web Designers can’t fit you in to their busy schedule for months?
  • You are keen to give it a crack yourself…but time is not on your side?
  • Ongoing maintenance is not included or it costs more than the actual site build.


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The solution…

Combining a simple website, hosting, email, a domain and maintenance all into a website design package for a low monthly fee.


  • Affordable – Monthly payment plan. A brand new Website that won’t break the bank
  • Secure – Regular maintenance included so your site doesn’t get hacked (this is important).
  • Immediate – Built and online within days giving you a web presence straight away.
  • Take control – You can add and edit content easily anytime – saving you hundreds or more per year!
  • Don’t get locked in or be dependant on one company or person – Built using WordPress Content Management System meaning any web designer can jump in and develop further.
  • Maintain your freedom – Hosted on cPanel meaning you have total freedom to host anywhere.


Don’t procrastinate…

Even if your initial site is not the perfect complex one you are striving to have built down the track it’s definitely better to have something than nothing.

The main reason is so that Google can begin to index your site and business sooner rather than later. This will get you ready to move up the search rankings when you do finally build that bigger site. This is really important to get you off the ground. And of course your clients can see your Logo, Trading Name, Services, Testimonials, Social Media links, and Contact details.

It is in your business’ best interest to get your name online and out there now…your site can be developed and refined later…as your business grows!

This approach won’t burn a hole in your pocket while you’re focusing on other things.

We have always specialised in hosting … why offer basic Web Design?

There are many small businesses out there “meaning” to get around to building a site, but every time they try to do this, it’s simply too hard.

We wanted a quick solution to take the complexity away.

This was initially driven by the fact that many of our hosting clients had best intentions of building their own site or waiting until they can justify getting a complex site built. But while they wait their hosting plan sits there waiting. They go unnoticed as far as Google is concerned. And clients that may have heard about them wonder why they don’t have a website and if they should take them seriously.

Of course they use their email space which makes their hosting worthwhile, but why not put something there, anything, to let Google get to know you.

It’s not a unique situation…time slipped away, the new baby arrived, working in the business stole your time, or the web designers quote was just too much for now.

Sound familiar?

Your website is just one of the business promotion tools, even the main revenue generator,  and it makes sense to get something up there quickly…not months or a year or two in the future.

And if you do decide to do something, why not get something that looks great, but at the same time doesn’t break the bank, erode your precious time or simply get relegated to the too hard basket.

Which Web Design package is right for you?

Whichever package is right for you now, the great thing is you probably have most of the content already! If you have a fair amount of content then have a look at our Website Starter Package. If you have nothing then just a Landing Page may be good for now.

Website Starter Package

– Perfect for new businesses needing a high-quality website within days and expecting growth fairly soon

– WordPress built so you can give it to any web designer to develop further into that whizzbang site perhaps needed down the track

– You can edit and add content with little experience – it is intuitive to many or just an hour or two of a tutorial under your belt is all it takes! 

– Premium hosting and domain included

Landing Page Package

 – You just started your business, you have a logo and business card (or perhaps you’ll have one very soon)…why not make it work for you and use it!

– We’ll build a single page for you using your logo or business card which means your clients can see you are operating. They can access your contact details easily, but more importantly it’s a quick way to get Google to start to know you.

– As a bonus you’ll also get a couple of email addresses to get you going (on your own domain name).

Check out our plans and pricing or give us a call.