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Transfer of Domain Registrant Form

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For a Transfer of Domain ownership, an online Registrant Name Change (RNC) submission now replaces the old paper form method…

Now it’s even easier…

The current owner/Registrant needs to authorise the change, and some basic details need to be provided by both parties.

A transfer of ownership involves complete re-registration of the domain, 2 years for .au domains. The receiving party/individual will need to meet the eligibility requirements to hold the registration of the domain….meaning they must have a registered business in Australia.

How do you get an RNC happening?

Contact your domain host, the people you registered your domain through, and tell them you need to process a “Registrant Name Change” (RNC). Once the information is in the hands of the domain host, it should only take a couple of days to effect the change.


When should I change the Registrant details?

– If you have purchased a business and ownership of the domain needs to change to protect your brand and your business

– Your web designer, family member, or friend purchased the domain on your behalf using their details, this is not a good practice and you should rectify this now

– Another 3rd party purchased the exact domain you want or need and have sold it to you, now you need to officially own it!


Please note that a ‘Domain Transfer’ is not a RNC. A Domain Transfer is explained in this article

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