Free Bulk Email Marketing Tool | 5,000 Free Emails | Try It Out And Win An Ipad

Free Bulk Email Marketing Tool to reach all your contacts

We’ve had lots of requests for Bulk Mail and whether we have a tool for it.

Many clients of ours have been looking for an easy to use tool that allows them to keep in contact with their clients – effortlessly – and without the inherent issues of using a standard email program, or a system so complex you need a degree to cipher through the documentation :-)

Well, the good news is, now we do! And it’s FREE! 5,000 emails worth!

Rather than waffling on about it, the best way to understand it is to test it and WIN an iPad while doing so:

Try it out right now – It will take less than 6 minutes…and cost you absolutely nothing!

1 minute and 55 seconds to signup, complete the order and login to the new system – I timed it!

And then 3 minutes and 45 seconds to send your first email to 10 of your friends – I timed this part too :-)

That’s it!

Signup + Send 10 people an email from the system = Chance to WIN an iPad

If you’re interested in more detail then read on, but if you’ve done the above there is nothing further you need to do, other than reap the benefits of this great tool and your 5,000 free emails!

Once signed up and while you’re on a role, check out how easy it is to use, you can quickly do a copy and paste of this email into your new account and send it to 10 of your contacts, or of course any other way you wish to share it is also fine – ‘Like’ us on Facebook, TWEET it! – it’s entirely up to you.

Follow the simple 3 step wizard in the system:

1. Give your contact list a name

2. Add your contacts to the list you created in step 1 (either manually, by copy and pasting them or importing them)

3. Create a message (use a blank page, use our templates or use your own template)

It’s a special offer to our existing clients, it’s free to get started, you get 5,000 free emails and you could win an iPad by trying it out!

We’re only giving away a limited number of these freebees to you and your friends and we’ve got no way of knowing how long it’s going to last but we’re estimating up until sometime during the beginning of next week, the 7th or 8th of Feb 2012 .

How the iPad giveaway works:

We are giving an iPad away to a NEW NewSprout client that signs up for any of our brand new SproutMailer Bulk Email Marketing packages (including this freebee package).

And the only way they can win is if they found out about it from an existing customer!

As an existing NewSprout client, you’ll also be happy, as you too can win an iPad.

We will call one of our NEW clients at the end of the month (Feb 2012) that has tested out the system by sending an email from it – and then ask them who referred them?

If it was you – you both get an iPad!

So if you know of someone who could benefit from 5,000 free emails and an iPad – let them know about this and hold thumbs for your iPads.

Whether you win the iPads or not, you still get the 5,000 free emails to start connecting with your contacts more closely and regularly like you’ve been meaning to do.

It’s really that simple!

Try it out right now – (if this link no longer adds a FREE plan into your order then unfortunately the freebees are all gone, but you can still signup for one of the normal plans)

The only small little catch is that both you and the people you tell need to each send out a real email from the platform to at least 10 contacts by the end of this month (that’s the 29th February) – which should only take 6 minutes max! You can send them a link to this page if you wish :-)

It can be this page’s content, it could simply be a link to this page, or it can be your first genuine email to your clients. As long as an email is sent to 10 of your contacts, you’re in the running!

So secure your free package and then you have ’till the end of the month to send out your campaign.

(The system is completely secure and we take your information and contacts very seriously which is covered by our Privacy Policy on our website. The only reason we request an email to be sent is so you get to test the system and see how easy it is to use – and of course, be in with a chance to win an iPad)

But I already use Outlook or have another system I am comfortabe with,” I hear you saying…

If you are already using something to send bulk emails to your contact lists…

Do you know who is opening your emails or if they’re even being delivered?

Do you have a way to track this?

Are you aware your IP Address or domain name could get blacklisted if you aren’t following proper anti-spam rules?

SproutMailer gives you fantastic reporting showing you exactly who opened your emails, who clicked on the links and many more useful and automated tools to make keeping in contact with your clients easier, more relevant and more professional.

3 great reasons to try our new SproutMailer Bulk Mail program:

1. You and your friend can each win an iPad

2. It is FREE, you get 5,000 emails absolutely free, no catch and no small print

3. The tool makes it very easy to keep in contact with your existing clients (or new clients) giving you instant feedback on your email campaigns.

3 very important reasons to use a Purpose Built platform:

1. There is built in anti-spam standards ensuring your emails are clean. They are all sent from our world-class purpose-built email platform

2. No more unprofessional”Outlook” or email-program style emails running the risk of getting your domain or IP address blacklisted because anti-SPAM practices are not being followed

3. No more email limitations imposed by your internet provider blocking the number of emails you can send

It can help streamline your website and how you keep in contact:

1. Integrate it into your website, any website, but especially if you use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal with our ready-to-use extensions recognised by WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

2. Lots of easy templates to use, or create your own

3. Auto-responders and Triggers allowing you to setup automated emails for specified events


If you’re ready to give it a go click here and complete the order and you will receive an email explaining what to do next.

For some more info on our SproutMailer products you can have a look here.

Enjoy and Good luck!